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University View Academy


3113 Valley Creek Drive
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
(225) 421-2900


University View Academy (UVA) is an online, tuition-free, K-12 Louisiana Public Type 2 Charter School. UVA seeks to understand, engage, and empower each unique student for a career, for college, and beyond by promoting individual student choice, student success, and academic rigor.

UVA provides a flexible and innovative learning environment that accommodates the needs of all learners. Louisiana-certified teachers offer completely online instruction, allowing students to learn and excel at their own pace. Applications are open to students across the entire state of Louisiana.

UVA is authorized by the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education and is solely operated by the Foundation for Louisiana Students, a non-profit corporation. UVA employs over 300 faculty and staff and currently has seats for 4,000 students.