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12108 Parkmeadow Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
(225) 291-2524


Established in 1972 to serve students with dyslexia and other language-related learning differences, Brighton understands the complex nature of working with students who learn differently. For over five decades, our mission has been the education and development of the whole child, empowering each of our students to achieve. Our students are taught using the most current evidence-based practices to target strengths as well as differences.

At Brighton, our four-pronged learning approach, which consists of academics, language therapy, social-emotional development, and executive function development, develops the whole child. Our faculty is highly-trained and well-equipped to work with this population of students.

At The Brighton School, we believe all students can learn given the proper tools to reach their full potential. β€œOne very important goal here at The Brighton School – provide each student with a multi-sensory approach to overcoming literacy difficulties (dyslexia) in the classroom,” said Theresa Hastings, Director of Therapies, CALT, iCALP, at the Brighton School.

Our four-pronged multi-sensory approach is outlined below:

  • Academics Academic growth is a priority for our students. We use evidence-based instructional programs and strategies that engage students visually, auditorily, tactilely, and kinesthetically. Instruction that integrates multiple sensory pathways helps our learners connect to, recall and apply important academic concepts and skills.
  • Language Therapy Our therapies are Orton-Gillingham based – working on memory, processing speed and auditory discrimination. These evidence-based therapeutic reading programs make it possible for students to successfully engage with oral and written language. Daily therapeutic instruction leads to gains in reading, writing and spelling which positively influences performance in other classes.
  • Social-Emotional Development Understanding how to be a positive and productive member of a school community can be challenging for students who learn differently. Intentional instruction paired with ample opportunities to practice social skills sets the stage for successful peer interactions and positive school experiences.
  • Executive Function Development Planning, organization, initiative and self-control are examples of executive function skills often under- developed in learning-different students, yet critical for success in and out of the classroom. Because we take nothing for granted, executive function skill instruction is integrated into every classroom, every day.

Looking for ways your child can build their academic skills over the summer? The Brighton School also offers an academically focused summer camp for any student (rising 1 st through 5th grade) with dyslexia, language-based learning difference, OR students who may need academic support in reading, language, and/or mathematics. Additionally, our summer enrichment camp is open to students (rising 6th through 12th grade) where they explore a variety of visual arts and creativity themes.

The Brighton School is open to tours every Wednesday beginning at 9 a.m., during our Walk Through Wednesdays. We welcome all interested to come tour our campus and learn more about what we have to offer and our programs. For more information or to schedule a tour, please contact Angelle High, Director of Enrollment at ahigh@thebrightonschool.org or call 225-291-2524 x.511.