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8227 Wimbledon Ave
Baton Rouge, LA 70810


Our school features multi-age grouping, a focus on global education, and specially designed curriculum and classroom atmosphere that’s based on a deep understanding of human learning and development. We have been providing early childhood education for the Baton Rouge area since 1966. We use the Montessori method to teach our 80 children from ages 18 months to 6 years how to become the best that they can be. Our Montessori school is based on the philosophy and curriculum of Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator. Born in 1870, she developed a method of educating children. She devoted her life to this work. Specific educational practices found in Montessori programs include mixed age classes, an appreciation for diversity, careful design of the learning environment, and unique classroom materials.

In mixed age group settings children learn from one another, gain autonomy, and develop positive self-esteem. our classrooms help prepare children to accept, respect, and understand the diversity in our society. We create communities where everyone learns, plays/works, shares, and celebrates together. Montessori is a “whole child” approach with social and emotional learning built into the classroom. Children are taught “grace and courtesy” lessons which include things like conflict resolution, self advocacy, and polite social norms which create a calm, peaceful classroom.

The Montessori School of Baton Rouge is an independent, non-profit school, where our specially trained educators help launch a love of learning that will  serve your child for a lifetime. We have been educating the children of Baton Rouge for more than 55 years.  Montessori is a child-centered, individualized method of learning. Children are allowed to work at their own pace with work of their own choosing. Children are allowed uninterrupted time to work which allows them to develop a deep sense of concentration and focus. The work in the Montessori classroom affords the children the opportunity to learn using all of their senses. Movement and exploration are encouraged. The classroom “environment” is prepared in a way that is accessible to the children and invites them to explore new lessons and concepts. Teachers demonstrate how to complete a specific lesson and then then child is allowed to interact independently with the materials to attain the intended outcome. Much of the Montessori work has a built in “control of error” so children can use problem solving and inquiry to arrive at the lesson objective independently.

There are immediate and long term benefits to a Montessori foundation. One recent study found that adults who attended Montessori school as children reported a higher sense of wellbeing later in life! The most exciting news to date is a study showing that high quality Montessori implemented with fidelity can close the “income achievement gap” that persists in the education arena. Call or email to schedule your tour!


  • Accredited program
  • Montessori trained teachers
  • Toddler and Primary program