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Gardere Community Christian School


8538 GSRI Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70810
(225) 387-5082


Gardere Community Christian School is a PreK3 through 5th grade school committed to three primary areas: relationship building, academic excellence, and community involvement. Valuing the importance of spiritual and character development, we establish lasting personal relationships and support families through faith in Christ. We believe in holding each student to high academic standards while encouraging exploration, wonder, and creativity, serving each student as a unique learner. Our rich curriculum is based on the science of reading, supported by research-enriched practices, and encourages individualized support. Lessons are hands-on and driven by students’ needs. Art, drama, Bible, and music programs are valuable parts of learning. With intentional planning, our students thrive both academically and socially. Through community involvement, we teach our students the importance of serving others and contributing as compassionate citizens. Serving students in their neighborhood gives them the chance to build strong families. Strong families lead to strong communities.