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eLearning Academy of Baton Rouge


13441 Tiger Bend Rd
Baton Rouge, LA


eLearning Academy is a BESE-approved and nationally accredited private school for grades K – 12 providing onsite, online and blended options for attendance. We provide a customized education plan for every student with a flexible schedule that is self paced. Student schedules may consist of anywhere from 1-5 days per week and 4 or 6 hours per day. We take a mastery based approach to learning daily. Learning coaches are teamed with students at a ratio of 6 to 1. Math and ELA courses provide a live class daily to enhance the course for the student. Our curriculum aligns with national and state standards. eLearning Academy of Baton Rouge offers online bundles and single courses to homeschoolers and traditional school students as well as credit recovery to traditional school students.
eLearning Academy aspires to enhance the quality of education and family life through personalized, guided, online education. We strive to provide a peaceful and positive environment that focuses on important values such as respect, excellence, health, and family, where family is the driving force behind a successful education. For more information, please visit our website at www.elearningk12.com or call us at (225) 753-5500. We are located at 13441 Tiger Bend Rd in Baton Rouge Louisiana.


  • Grades K-12
  • Customized education plan
  • Onsite, online, blended options
  • Live math and ELA teachers
  • Accredited private school
  • Self paced