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Motherhood from pregnancy, childbirth into parenthood is a beautiful endeavor that influences the future and hope of our society. Joy and anticipation also comes with struggle, vulnerability and profound change. Each mother navigates this journey uniquely. More than 10% of mothers may develop in pregnancy and up to two years after baby clinical anxiety and depressive symptoms that alter the experience. These clinical symptoms can manifest as Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Symptoms can include depression , anxiety,  obsessive-compulsive, posttraumatic stress and other psychiatric conditions. These can occur separately or in combination during and after pregnancy and are among the most treatable in mental health. Clinical ,therapeutic and supportive  interventions involving partners and a mother’s ‘village’  can restore health and wellness for mothers children  and families.

I am honored to receive the recognition of family favorite and express to you gratitude and love. It is a gift to serve the Baton Rouge community for over 25 years in the practice of child, adolescent and perinatal psychiatry and to have the opportunity to walk alongside you in the transformative journey of parenthood.