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Port Allen, LA 70767


Machita Dance Company has been in business for 49 years. Changing hands from Machita Eyre to Lynn Prejean in 2013 they have continued the legacy for the love of dance in a family environment. Now in their 10th Season the Prejean’s are dedicated to evolving and continuously advancing their students to the next level.

Through the art of dance and in a community of family, Machita Dance Company strives to develop self-confidence, self-discipline, spirituality, and an appreciation for the arts. We believe these values not only contribute to success in dance but are also carried forward into other life experiences. Their mission statement “Nurturing Life Skills For Life Experience” is to provide excellent dance training to their students while learning discipline and teamwork to carry on in their everyday life as they grow into strong, confident individuals.

Thank you to everyone who voted and to all who help make our dance studio #1!