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Juban Parc Elementary


12555 Brown Road
Denham Springs, LA 70726
(225) 665-4079

There is something wonderfully different when you walk through the doors at Juban Parc Elementary. “There is a distinct spirit of belonging and kindness.” We hear those words from many who venture through our doors, and we take note each time. Many have said they are in awe that we get to work in such a special place every day.

Over the last few years we have deeply embraced a Growth Mindset. We encourage our students to try “hard” things, whether they are academic or social. We teach them about the brain and how productive struggle leads to brilliance and accomplishments they will carry for a lifetime. We show vulnerability to our students as we attempt new things and also model grace when mistakes are made. We learn from our missteps and mature from them. We are “growing grit” at JPE.

Creating a safe haven for our staff and students to keep advancing toward their goals will always be a work in progress, but the journey also yields unfathomable rewards. Each student has a unique story and requires unique support. Recognizing these needs is integral to the nurturing of continued growth. Failing forward is a way of life at JPE, and our community has embraced this vision. Through our Community Connection Program, we are educating our families on how to carry these concepts into their homes and businesses. We are making every moment count at JPE and refuse to lose our focus on improving our community – one student at a time.