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Chef Celeste Gill Chef Celeste has made a long career of earning her place in the culinary world. From her first rounds in a restaurant at age 3, and well into her teenage years volunteering to cater her friends’ parties, her mother and grandmother’s love of cooking followed her from her native Detroit all the way to Hawaii—where, despite other plans, she earned her culinary training. The Polynesian Island’s fresh-ingredient vibe, combined with her love of local farm-to-table produce, shaped Chef Celeste’s enticing interpretation of Louisiana cuisine she is known for today.

She has made Louisiana style cooking and touching lives through food her life’s mission for more than 30 years. As a mentor, her mentees are across the southern region of the United States following their culinary dreams. Early on Chef Celeste began inspiring others to follow their culinary dreams – from a dishwasher who went on to run private school dining rooms, to sous chefs opening restaurants and creating spice lines, Chef Celeste lives the each one must teach one lifestyle. Teaching in the prison system to classrooms in public schools, Chef Celeste Gill hopes to ignite passion, purpose and self belief in those who cross her path.

Her dedication and inventive culinary style have earned her several accolades that include Chef of the Year from the American Culinary Federation, the Seafood Award from Capital Chefs’ Showcase, first place in the Fall Heat Cooking, and she has been honored with multiple awards for being a fan favorite in various publications.

In response to a widespread public demand for seasoned foods similar to her own, she initiated the production and commercialization of her unique Louisiana Honey Mustard and exclusive spice mixtures, marketed as Senior Seasonings.

Based in Baton Rouge, Chef Celeste loves to teach and has extensive experience in sharing her love of Louisiana cuisine through her Chef Celeste Bistro, catering at her venue, 520 Spain, cooking classes, and local and national television programs, such as the Food Network and more recently as a chef host on the Eat This TV Network where she stars in her own cooking show titled “My Louisiana Kitchen with Chef Celeste.”

Her first cookbook, Chef Celeste’s Louisiana Kitchen, is presently in the production phase and is expected to be released early next year.