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Spectacular News! Black MasterMinds LLC is deeply honored and humbled to be named this year’s 2023 Baton Rouge’s Family Favorite Tutoring Program for the second year in a row! We would like to publicly thank YOU for voting, sharing, and supporting us consistently. We also would love to congratulate the other nominees who all work exceedingly and abundantly well for our scholars’ educational journeys!

Supportive, efficient, and valuable, Black Masterminds tutors provide the opportunity primarily but not limited to, to undervalued African American families by educating scholars with holistic and useful tools including skill-building strategies, guided instruction and practice, and LEAP-aligned assessments in all subjects. We extend to build the academic endurance and stamina of all scholars while pushing their level of confidence and self-reliance to immeasurable heights.

Black MasterMinds LLC acknowledges academic and opportunity gaps in African American scholars’ access and academic skill levels. Because of this, immediate action is necessary to not temporarily close, but eliminate these gaps and misconceptions forever. We are beyond a tutoring program. We are a place where scholars grow academically, improve intellectually, expand socially and professionally, and love the process and journey while doing so! We stand for all scholars exceeding their fullest potential and trusting in themselves.

To learn more about Black MasterMinds LLC and the amazing assistance opportunities we offer, please visit our website and social media handles @ BlackMasterMindsLLC. Tell them Mrs. Bertrand sent you!”