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Behavioral Integration Group (BIG) is a CABAS® accredited learning center with a team of dedicated therapists — focused on providing the skills, personalized teaching environments and learning opportunities necessary to improve the quality of life for children with autism. BIG develops and nurtures environments where the therapists, learners & families can all thrive.

BIG’s comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program aims to develop a child’s greater opportunity for independence. Because BIG believes effective autism intervention is not a “one-for-all” program, the therapists at BIG treat each child based on their abilities, needs, and personalized goals. We’re serving the belief that each child has their own unique learning history and developmental ability. BIG is redefining what is possible for families and children. Since opening in 2007, BIG has provided Baton Rouge with comprehensive ABA services for children on the autism spectrum ages 18 months through seven years.

We’re focused on: providing effective autism intervention; fostering collaborative relationships between families and staff; and unlocking the full potential of learners with room for play and discovery.

Learners are grouped by age and our therapists utilize typically developing peer models to assist in displaying certain behaviors. Line therapists are trained by a board-certified behavior analyst (BCBA), to provide the services a child might need to help that child improve their communication, play, speech, language, motor, and classroom readiness skills among others. The BCBA remains in the classroom throughout each day and gives support on a moment-to-moment basis.

At BIG, your child’s learning journey is assessed, designed, and monitored and assessed by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. We chart each child’s data to better understand where learning is progressing or stalling, then adjust our strategy where needed. Parents are invited to meet with their child’s behavior analyst on a quarterly basis to review these reports and discuss their child’s progress and objectives.

When it comes to helping families, an exceptional therapist can make an exceptional difference. And having the support of the right team can be more fulfilling for everyone. The priority at BIG is to teach your child the skills that will help them lead full, satisfying lives through the evidence-based practice of ABA therapy. Its teachers, BCBAs, BCBA apprentices, and registered line therapists work closely with families to provide personalized programs for each child’s best interests.

Learn more about BIG’s unique program and services at big-br.com or call us at 225-757-8002.