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TheEduProject Innovation Academy


2028 Main St.
Baker, LA 70714


Discover a summer of boundless creativity and hands-on exploration at theEduProject’s Ultimate PBL and Arts Summer Camp! Our weekly sessions offer a unique blend of Project-Based Learning (PBL) themes encompassing Dance, Music, Design, and STEM, immersing campers in a world of discovery. From launching rockets to composing symphonies, each week unveils a new adventure that taps into the richness of our community resources, featuring engaging activities and collaborations with local experts. With a focus on holistic learning, campers delve into the Arts, crafting intricate designs, choreographing expressive dances, and composing melodies. Led by expert instructors, our STEM adventures bring science and innovation to life through hands-on experiences. From exploring the mysteries of space to journeying through historical eras, each week unfolds a new theme, fostering creativity, collaboration, and a deep appreciation for learning. Join us for a summer where fun meets education, friendships bloom, and imaginations soar at theEduProject’s Ultimate PBL and Arts Summer Camp!
Camp Dates: June 3- July 26
Grades: Grades K- 8th Grade (5-13 years).