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Embark on a musical journey with BRMS Summer Camps, impacting Baton Rouge since 2006. Our flagship Young Band Nation Camp, catering to campers aged 9-17, is a transformative experience. Form a band, learn tunes, foster friendships, and showcase your newfound skills on the last day at the vibrant Curbside Burgers venue.

For our Little Rockers aged 5-8, we offer an engaging camp where young talents immerse themselves in singing songs, crafting lyrics, and exploring rhythm and melody games. It’s a lively introduction to the world of music, fostering creativity and a love for the art.

Singers and actors find their haven in our Voice and Musical Theater Camp. Whether you’re a seasoned performer or just discovering your vocal prowess, this camp is designed to enhance your skills and ignite a passion for musical expression.

Inclusivity lies at the heart of our offerings, and our camp for students with special needs is a testament to that commitment. Here, students from diverse backgrounds come together, creating music and building meaningful connections. It’s a celebration of unity and shared joy, where everyone is encouraged to express themselves through the power of music.

BRMS has been a stalwart in impacting thousands of students in the Baton Rouge area since 2006. Our commitment extends beyond summer camps, encompassing year-round music lessons, band programs, and community events. We take pride in nurturing a love for music, fostering personal growth, and building a community that appreciates the transformative power of the arts.

As we gear up for another summer, the essence of BRMS Summer Camps is clear—more than just music education, it’s a holistic experience. It’s about forming bonds, discovering talents, and creating memories that resonate far beyond the camp’s duration. Join us in making this summer an unforgettable chapter in your musical journey, where the impact goes beyond the notes on a sheet— it resonates in the hearts and minds of every camper.

Rock and Pop Bands 9-17
Voice Camps / Musical Theater 9-17
Little Rockers for ages 5-8
Inclusive camps for children with special needs